Dinner at the King's Table: pt 1, The Breadcrumbs of Salvation

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 15:21-31  /  May 28, 2017

Whether we are Jew or Gentile, all must come to Jesus in faith for true salvation. We all have faith in something. You may not realize it, but your life is guided by faith. But most of us have faith in things which will ultimately fail us. We may place faith in money, or friends, or family, or jobs, or politicians, or education, or religious traditions. But what do you do when something comes up which money or friends or family can’t solve? What do you tell a person who has just been diagnosed with cancer? Or lost a brother or mother or father? Or lost everything? You don’t tell them to trust in money; you don’t tell them to trust in a politician; you don’t tell them to look at the diploma on their wall. In the next two texts, we will see a common theme of faith. And both of these sermons, interestingly, give pictures of food in what I believe are illustrations of faith in Jesus. Today, the picture is a small one: a breadcrumb of salvation. Next week, we will see a feast. And both of these point to the same truth: only faith in Jesus will truly satisfy our need for spiritual food. Today, we will see a woman who understands that a breadcrumb of salvation from Jesus is enough.