The Great Reversal: Esther, pt 4

by Steve Reynolds  /  Esther 4:1-5:8  /  July 2, 2017

This morning, it is my prayer that you will see this main point: In the midst of a world filled with sin and tragedy, we must seek the Lord. Last week, Esther 3 set up the major tension of this book: Mordecai, Esther’s relative, refused to bow down to Haman, a powerful leader. As can be expected, Haman did not respond well. He set out to destroy all of the Jewish people, and the King told him to pick a day and this would be carried out. So he did. Tragedy was coming. We come to Esther 4 this morning with that tension hanging over the story, and we must ask a question: How did the Israelites respond to the coming tragedy in Esther? Today we answer that question.