Jude: Pt 4, An Encouragement

by Steve Reynolds  /  Jude 24-25  /  September 18, 2016

Why do we do this every week? Why do we sing these songs, read this book, listen to a 45 minute lecture? Why give our money, time and energy? What’s the point? I have been thinking about this lately. I am convinced that most of our answers to that question are inadequate, which is why we find it hard to be motivated to be here. If we only come because we like the music, we can always listen to music at home; if we only come because we enjoy preaching, I can always download a podcast; if we only attend because we have friends here whom we enjoy being around, I can always spend time with them outside of church. These reasons are all inadequate. We have been talking about church the past few weeks. The book of Jude was written to a church (v1-2). They were having a major issue (v3-4): intruders, false teachers, had snuck into the church. Jude told them (v5-16) that these intruders would be punished but (v17-23) in the meantime they should respond in active and merciful faith. This book is all about the local church (as well as the universal church). And, I believe, Jude ends his book with an encouragement today which also points to the main purpose of the church: worship. He ends with a declaration of worship. And we will learn from this text today that the Church worships the God who will defeat false teaching.