The Master Teaches on Mission: Pt 1, The Foundation of His Mission

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 9:35-38  /  September 25, 2016

In 1787, a young man named William Carey stood before a group of pastors in Northampton, England, to share the convictions of his heart. Through his study of Scripture and assessment of the state of the world, Carey was convinced that God had called the church to be active in overseas missionary work. His proposal was that the churches, as a group, prepare and send missionaries. There was a problem, however: at this point in time, international mission-work was relatively unheard of and there was a large theological barrier in the way which was shown in the reception Carey received. After he had finished speaking, one of the older pastors spoke up saying, “Young man, sit down, when God pleases to convert heathens, He will do it without your help or mine!” While, thankfully, William Carey did not give up what he believed to be a biblical idea of missions, this response revealed a heart that was prevalent: many did not see the need for mission-work or believe that it is biblical. And I believe, while not stated publicly, this idea (while based on other reasoning) is still prevalent in today’s church: many simply do not see the need for others to preach the gospel. Today, I pray that God’s Word can at least change that in your minds here in this church. I pray that, today, we will see the need for His mission (based on Scripture) and respond in prayer.