A Ministry of Power: pt 3, The God Who Commands Nature

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 8:23-27  /  June 19, 2016

On Tuesday morning, I began my normal routine of sermon preparation. The week was a little out of my ordinary because I was at camp with our children from the church up in the mountains, but I woke early to study the theme of our sermon today: God’s mighty acts over his creation. As I studied, I made the observation (and will state this several times throughout this sermon) that God is complete control. Then, around 12:30pm Tuesday, someone noticed smoke coming from a few miles away from the camp. A few hours later we were sitting at an evacuation area, and an hour after that we were told to go home: camp had been canceled because of a fire that has now grown to thousands and thousands of acres. And my sermon on God’s power over nature suddenly became more applicable to me. He is in control. And that brings me hope.