The Sermon on the Mount: pt 11, Don't Be a Hypocrite: Righteous Giving

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 6:1-4  /  April 10, 2016

When I left high school and moved to college, I had one plan regarding my spiritual life: to never step foot inside a church again. Now, before we reflect just on how ironic that is now that I step foot inside a church multiple times a day, I would like to explain 18-year-old self; you see, I had grown up in church. I had been in church the entire 9 months before I even saw the outside of the womb. I had seen the good things the church had done; I had gone door-to-door inviting people to revivals and even gone on mission trips. But, it was during these experiences that I learned something else about the church: it is filled w/ hypocrites. It is filled w/ people who claim a belief & often live another way. It is filled w/ ppl who go on mission trips but at the same time break the very commands they claim to teach. And 18-year-old me didn’t want anything to do w/ it. It wasn’t until I realized that true Christians aren’t claiming to be perfect at all (in fact, they claim the very opposite, that they are drastically imperfect and need a savior), that I realized church is exactly what I needed. You may be here this morning & feel exactly how I did at 18; I am glad you are here, and I want to make one thing clear here: we aren’t perfect. Today, and in the next three weeks, we are going to see that we all, at times, fit the description of a hypocrite. And Jesus teaches against this in the passage we will study. And I pray from all of this that you are going to learn that we seek to live not as hypocrites but as authentic followers of Jesus Christ.