The Sermon on the Mount: pt 13, Don’t Be a Hypocrite: Righteous Fasting

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 6:16-18  /  April 24, 2016

Church is full of actions that may seem weird to outside world. If I had never been in church or heard of church, coming in to see a group of people singing odd songs, reading a book out loud together, closing their eyes and talking to God and then giving money to continue doing it; those things seem really odd, if you are honest. You may be here today & aren’t usually in church and are thinking these things; I’m glad you are here, and I pray that you see that this isn’t just something we do flippantly as if it is any other day for us. It is easy for us to get used to it as if it is just a normal thing. Church isn’t normal. It goes against every inkling in our evil nature which says “you don’t need God!” And I think we get too comfortable w/ all of this too often, and rarely stop to think “why do we do this?” There are good reasons. Today, we are going to talk about a righteous act which seems odd to those outside of Christianity: fasting. In our text, Jesus taught about fasting, and we will learn from it that hypocrites fast with a selfish heart but the righteous fast with a godly heart.