The Sermon on the Mount: pt 14, Seek His Kingdom: The Treasures of Life

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 6:19-24  /  May 1, 2016

When I was a kid in the early 90’s, the hottest hip-hop artist on the planet was M.C. Hammer largely because he was innovational in bridging hip-hop with pop music and making it mainstream; even people who don’t like rap music know of the songs “U Can’t Touch This” & “2 Legit 2 Quit”; Hammer sold over 50 million records world-wide, started a horrific fashion trend w/ “Hammer pants” & was known as one of the best dancers of all time. And, by the mid-90’s, amassed a networth of over $33 million. However, having spent $12 million on a home with a paid staff of over 200 people, cars and an entourage of 40 people, within only a few years, in 1996, M.C. Hammer was bankrupt. He isn’t the only celebrity to do so, but he is a prime example of the dangers of materialism. Later in life, Hammer turned his life around and is now supposedly a pastor in California (I do not advocate whatever he preaches, bc I have never heard it); but I believe Hammer would admit now to the vast emptiness that wealth can bring. It doesn’t make you happy. However, we all fall into the same struggle to some extent: we seek earthly treasures that simply don’t last. Today, in our text, Jesus commands his followers to seek heavenly treasures & not earthly treasures.