The Sermon on the Mount: pt 15, Seek His Kingdom: The Worries of Life

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 6:25-34  /  May 8, 2016

Two days ago, I sat in in my office for what seemed to be 4 hours w/ one big problem; it was the same problem I deal with every Friday. I had just finished writing my sermon & was to the finishing touches: the introduction. After all, most writers would tell you that introductions & conclusions must always be written last. This Friday was a little different, though, as I simply could not think of a way to introduce this sermon. So, on the way to lunch, I told Laura, “I am preaching on anxiety this week and I just cannot put this introduction together.” To which she said, “Well, maybe your worry about writing a sermon introduction is a good introduction to a sermon on anxiety.” Worry. We all have it, don’t we? Whether it is the worry of standing before a crowd w/out a clear introduction to your sermon or whether it is making ends meet in this month’s checkbook balance, we all struggle with anxiety. Today’s sermon is appropriately titled, “The Worries of Life” as we see our Lord teach his followers one big idea: Do not be anxious.