The Sermon on the Mount: pt 16, Show His Kingdom: Stop Judging

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 7:1-6  /  May 15, 2016

In college, I became acquainted with a traveling preacher named Brother Micah. He comes to college campuses & preaches outdoors as students pass by. Each & every year, Brother Micah would come to my college campus and preach for about a week or so before leaving. And, each year, he would draw a huge crowd. However, this event each year was not a thing we Xians looked forward to; we didn’t enjoy Brother Micah. This was because Brother Micah’s message wasn’t exactly the gospel; his message was (and still is) this: “You sinners are all going to Hell.” He has one pt to every sermon: hell. He believes in something called “Christian perfectionism” or the idea that all Christians, once saved, never sin again, and, if they do, they aren’t really Christians. He spends his time on college campuses pting out things such as how people dress (even flip-flops), the music they listen to and their haircuts and color to pt out whether they are truly saved or not. His message is one of hate. And this is the way the world views all Christians, often, isn’t it? As people who only want to judge others & tell them to be more like themselves. You may be here and feel that way about Christians yourself; I’m glad you’re here. My goal in this sermon is not to fix all of your pains over Christianity, but to point you to the truth of this text today: Jesus tells his followers not to judge others. We have been going through the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus tells his followers to seek his kingdom and to live in his kingdom; in the next two sermons, we will see that Jesus gives two imperatives about how we are to show his kingdom by how we treat others. The first is this: stop judging others.