The Sermon on the Mount: pt 6, Christ’s Law on Adultery

by Steve Reynolds  /  Matthew 5:27-32  /  February 21, 2016

John Bunyan was a 17th Century pastor in England; he is most known for the nearly 60 books he wrote in his life, most notably one of the most significant Christian books in English history known as The Pilgrim’s Progress. Bunyan’s love for God and love for God’s Word was apparent throughout his works. It was quoted by a pastor some years later who was heavily influenced by Bunyan’s work that “if you were to prick him anywhere on his body, his blood would be bibline”; it is as if every word he wrote was Scripture. And that is my prayer for my life: that this could be said of me. And that is my prayer for this church: that we would bleed Scripture. If that is to be true of us, however, we must allow Scripture to interpret our lives and not the other way around; that means that, when we approach a difficult text, if we don’t like it, we are the problem and not the text. Today, we will study such a text; this is not an easy text of Scripture, not because it is hard to understand but because it is abundantly clear to us: it convicts us of sin. This is why I have been nervous about this text for weeks. Therefore, I believe the only way to approach this passage is to preach it, without the usual “Steve” stories, but clearly and effectively. In our passage, Jesus interprets the Law concerning adultery and applies it to both lust and divorce. And from this, I pray, that we see the main pt: we are all guilty of adultery.